Immortal Taoist Mod APK Latest v1.7.3 (Unlimited Money)

Immortal Taoist Mod APK Unlocked All

Immortal Taoist APK Mod is an adventure genre game that was published by the Entrepreneur Game. There is a Luo Hou demon featured as your opponent and he attacks the village that has to be saved. In spite of this, before his attack the village was a peaceful city but now it has become a battlefield. Although he is greater and powerful than you, you can still beat him by using the best fighting styles. 

Immortal Taoist Unlocked APK

Pick up the desired character in Immortal Taoist Unlocked Mod APK and go on battles against numerous enemies. The game begins with a young cultivator who fights against the evil forces later. The fights against the eternal demons will definitely give a thrilling experience. Various characters are also added like junior sister, senior brother, martial uncle, martial grandfather and master. Learn extraordinary and legendary skills from a master.  

Enjoy martial sects in its gameplay. This game can be easily grabbed from the Google Play Store and it has already gained 1M downloads there. However, to enjoy the free version with everything unlocked you must access the Immortal Taoist Cheats Mod APK on our website and enjoy the unconditional fun. This Cheats APK version is rich in its features and it will definitely amaze the users while usage.

Features of Immortal Taoist Mod APK

Immortal Taoist Mod APK is the modified version designed for player’s convenience.  This version offers numerous conveniences by giving the Unlimited Money or Jaze. Along with that, all the buildings and other locked elements are also opened in its interface. Let’s have a look on its key features:

Unlimited Money and Jaze

Jaze is the currency of this game and it is given in unlimited amounts in the Mod version. The whole currency can be used anytime whenever a player needs it. Get the Immortal Taoist Mod APK Unlimited Money to enjoy adventures. 

Immortal Taoist Mod APK Premium Unlocked

The Mod version experts have unlocked all the locked elements in the gameplay of the basic version. It is free to get this version and play its missions as well. While in the standard version, it is not possible to enjoy the locked features without struggle. 

Unlocked All Buildings

In Immortal Taoist Mod APK Unlocked Everything, fight the battles against the demons to eliminate them all from the gameplay. All the buildings are unlocked and do not need to be unlocked.  

Ad-Free and Secure

The UI of the game is free of ads and does not contain any bugs or viruses. All these issues are fixed there. The Mod version installation cannot harm the user’s device

Basic Features 

In Immortal Taoist, a cultivator seeks immortality via the cultivation methods. Fight against the greatest demons  by using the killing fighting styles. Earn money from the cultivation and invest it in the village to make it better. In addition to that, never get out of resources as they are the best source to make progress in the game, also level up the realm. Eliminate all the enemies and turn the world into a peaceful space. Use the best skills and strategies to achieve the goal.

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Activities to Perform

This game is very enticing and interesting in its features as it has numerous activities to do. The players are free to perform any activity like Cultivation of food, Mining and collecting resources, Management, Recruit the staff and many more. Go ahead and pick any activity of your choice.

Master in Legendary Abilities 

This game supports various skills that help the player to defend against the invading enemies. The most powerful and useful skill is Kung Fu; make yourself a pro player in all Kung Fu skills. The other spells are elemental, physical and psychic. These abilities play an essential role in winning the defending fights against the opponent.

Finalize Your Destiny 

Before going on missions, decide your character as it directly links with destiny. The four different classes that are featured there are: Inner force; Scholar, Orphans, Farmer, and Hunter. Every class will lead you to different sorts of missions and gameplay. This feature entices the players more as all the classes offer distinctive missions and challenges. Whereas, the outcomes of the battles depend on the dexterity, quintessence of life, levels of strength, living energy, and absorption. You may also try other modified games like: Gods of Rome Mod APK

Beasts and Servants 

To make the defense simple this game features workers and beasts. Both are featured to support the characters in battles. They will fight for players and servants will help to get more resources.  But, it should be noted that hiring more workers will consume more resources too. So, use your helpful strategies to manage all the matters effectively.

Several Modes

Another exciting feature of this game is it supports online and offline mode.Toenjoy the game with friends you must go for the online mode. Furthermore, if your device is not connected to the stable internet connection then enjoy the single player mode.

Foundation Levels 

This game has a different strategy to proceed the gameplay. Unlike all the other video games, this adventurous game’s difficulty level goes down with the game progress. Make efforts in the start and work hard on cultivation, farming and mining. And then, take the reward in the form of easiness on the coming missions. Play the game effortlessly while making progress in the initial levels.

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Chat With Other Players

Chat option is also featured there so that players can interact with other players. Add them in your friend list and then communicate with them in the chat box of this game. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Immortal Taoist Mod APK

Does this game support PVP mode?

This game does not support PVP mode without internet.Online access is required to enjoy PVP mode.

Can Immortal Taoist Mod APK be played on PC? 

Of course, use a PC or Smartphone to play it. It supports both devices. 

Is it safe to have APK files?

Yes it is, as all the unsecured aspects are removed there and it makes the game user-friendly.

Foundation Pills

Take the foundation pills to proceed in the game. Gather various pills as it can make the player immortal and help him to reach the foundation level 1. Without foundation pills, it can also be achieved but with a lot of pills it can be done instantly. 

Strength and Treasures

Strength your characters to make them immortal. Additionally, it can be strengthened by the pills and resources. Get the unbeatable stamina and power to beat the evils. Use herbs, fabled, elixir and many other resources to make the hero unquestionably powerful.

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Steps to Install Immortal Taoist APK on Android devices?

  • First, you should ensure the previous version of this game is uninstalled. Then enable the unknown sources to install its latest version.
  • Click on the download button to download
  • After sometime downloading is completed
  • Then open this file and install it
  • Once it is installed, it is ready to play. Now enjoy the amazing features of this game.

How to download Immortal Taoist Cheats on PC

  • For downloading and installing on a PC, you must install an emulator to use this game. Different emulators like BlueStacks, Nox player, android studio, etc. They are free to download and use.
  • Click on the download button to start downloading.
  • After complete downloading, right-click on the APK and open with the Nox app.
  • The emulator picks the APK and installs it on your PC.
  • You can open the emulator and select import from windows
  • Select Immortal Taoist Unlocked APK Mod from the emulator’s home screen, and after installation, enjoy this fantastic game.


In conclusion, this is the best and amazing game to play with a lot of different activities. These activities add more fun to the game. This exciting game allows the player to fight against other invading demons. Strength your character and use the best resources. Get Immortal Taoist Mod APK from our webpage if you love to enjoy adventure games in your spare time. After that, also share your experience of using Cheats APK by commenting in the comment section. 

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